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Uninterrupted free jumping

You’ve one hour to bounce your way across our interconnected trampolines, bounce off the walls, or just climb up them. Practice your flips and tricks down one of four tumble tracks or on our HUGE performance trampolines.

Gravity can’t tame you? Then kick the air and land safely and softly on one of our Big Bags. There is no foam here.



  • Are there any restrictions? 

    Anyone can enjoy a bit of AirTime! If you are 6 years or over you can enjoy yourself all over the arena (some activities require you to be 1.25m or over). 5 years and under must be accompanied by an adult, or why not try one of our Toddler sessions. These are especially for the little ones.

    To Walk the Wall you must be a confident trampoline user. If you aren’t sure about it then speak to one of our friendly Air Marshalls, they are here to help!

    The weight limit to bounce is 18 stone.

  • How long can I jump for? 

    Each slot is 60 minutes. You should get here 30 minutes before your session starts. This lets you check in, buy your socks if you need to, and watch the compulsory safety video that lets you into the park. You can jump for as long as you want if there is extra slots, just book two or more slots next to each other online.

    Each new hourly slot starts every 30 minutes.

  • How much does AirTime cost?

    To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book online, especially at weekends and evenings.

    AirTime (1h hour): £7.95 for Online Booking or £9 Walk In. Take advantage of Only £5 per extra hour.

    All airheads must wear AirUnltd grip socks, this is for safety and hygiene reasons. These are £1.95 and can be purchased when you arrive.

  • What should I wear?

    It can get pretty warm on the trampolines, we would advise you to wear something you are comfortable in and layers are good for when you cool down. You can stick all your stuff in one of the lockers available.

  • How much does Air Autism cost?

    To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book online. Air Autism (2h hour): £6.50. All airheads must wear AirUnltd grip socks, this is for safety and hygiene reasons. These are £1.50 and can be purchased when you arrive.


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